Saturday, February 28, 2009

Siena is 8 months today

Sometimes I decide to simply refuse to accept how fast it is all going...and then Siena says "dada" or stands up on her own...and I can't refuse. She has been 8 months of fun, a few tears, many laughs, and quite a few diapers. Last year at this time we were in Italy and that is where we felt her kick for the first time. To think that only a year ago she had no face and no name. I remember that then, when the kicks started, while I did feel some kind of closeness with was just a fleeting moment. And to think that now I have a hard time remembering that there was a time before her...that there was a time when she had no face, no name. If this is what happens in 8 months, what will happen in 8 years? I both can't wait and can't stand the time passing.
Happy 8 month B-day, kid.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Siena's First 6 months in 6 minutes

This is Siena from negative 10 weeks to about 6 a small and superbly cheesy package:)))))))))))

Friday, February 20, 2009

Siena on her first day home

Siena is almost 8 months now...and we spend most of our time (well mommy does) trying hard to focus on now and not on how fast 'now' is passing by. In that spirit, what follows are a few memories of Siena as a newborn and her first few months. But only a few, so we can do 'now' the best we can.