Saturday, February 28, 2009

Siena is 8 months today

Sometimes I decide to simply refuse to accept how fast it is all going...and then Siena says "dada" or stands up on her own...and I can't refuse. She has been 8 months of fun, a few tears, many laughs, and quite a few diapers. Last year at this time we were in Italy and that is where we felt her kick for the first time. To think that only a year ago she had no face and no name. I remember that then, when the kicks started, while I did feel some kind of closeness with was just a fleeting moment. And to think that now I have a hard time remembering that there was a time before her...that there was a time when she had no face, no name. If this is what happens in 8 months, what will happen in 8 years? I both can't wait and can't stand the time passing.
Happy 8 month B-day, kid.

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