Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ballet, popcorn and friendship

Siena and her friend Tilly have been going to ballet classes last few months. It seems that seeing each other before and after ballet (while wearing ballet outfits) is really the highlight of their ballet classes- so instead of a post featuring their "concert," this post is about...well...popcorn and dinosaurs- because after all aren't all thing in life ultimately about popcorn, dinosaurs and popcorn dinosaurs (which is what the girls are pretending to be at the end of the video).

Friday, June 17, 2011

Rainy, sick days

 It's been raining here in Sydney for over a week. In addition, our little one was sick for most of that week- so our days all turned into one long, dark and rainy day. To kill the time and keep Siena happy we did all sorts of crafty/fun projects and they kept both her and us entertained. We cooked, baked gingerbread cookies, decorated them with an odd green (the only food coloring I had) brown sugar (the only sugar I had) icing, we made a tent out of some old Ikea sheets, and an Ikea chalkboard (yup, chalkboard) and I spent time doing some free-lance crocheting of pants. The crochet pants are just like all of my crocheting- no rules, just pure chaos- but she likes them and I like them so woopty-doo!
our little chef

the make-shift tent from Ikea chalkboard

Door to tent curtesy of another one of mommy's crazy ruleless crocheting projects

Crochet pants (the little white thing is supposed to be a flower)

No rainy day would be complete without a tea party (I discovered liquid chalk a week ago and have gone a tad bit psycho with it)