Friday, June 17, 2011

Rainy, sick days

 It's been raining here in Sydney for over a week. In addition, our little one was sick for most of that week- so our days all turned into one long, dark and rainy day. To kill the time and keep Siena happy we did all sorts of crafty/fun projects and they kept both her and us entertained. We cooked, baked gingerbread cookies, decorated them with an odd green (the only food coloring I had) brown sugar (the only sugar I had) icing, we made a tent out of some old Ikea sheets, and an Ikea chalkboard (yup, chalkboard) and I spent time doing some free-lance crocheting of pants. The crochet pants are just like all of my crocheting- no rules, just pure chaos- but she likes them and I like them so woopty-doo!
our little chef

the make-shift tent from Ikea chalkboard

Door to tent curtesy of another one of mommy's crazy ruleless crocheting projects

Crochet pants (the little white thing is supposed to be a flower)

No rainy day would be complete without a tea party (I discovered liquid chalk a week ago and have gone a tad bit psycho with it)

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