Friday, February 10, 2012


Term 1 has started and with it Siena is finally back in a routine. After several months in Italy and the holidays, this is a very welcome development. Mondays Siena and I try to see our mother's group- usually at the North Sydney playgroup, Tuesdays are for farm visits, zoo and catching up with friends, Wednesdays Siena goes to her Waldorf-Steiner playgroup (where we made lovely bread bags this week), Thursdays she goes to "Rhythm Factory"- which is mostly gymnastics and some dancing and counting and Fridays she has started the Mosman Dance Academy. Seeing the utter joy when she donned her ballerina outfit today and as the other little ballerinas arrived was...well...utter joy. The Mosman Dance Academy is in the Gunner's Barracks at the George's Heights right on the Sydney Harbour, so Siena wasn't the only one enjoying herself. I too enjoyed taking the half an hour to have a cuppa and start (and almost finish) a little beanie for the soon-to-come addition, while I waited for the class to get out. She of course had to show her whole performance of the "Goldilocks and Three Bears" to daddy this afternoon.

This is the you-seriously-going-to-take-more-pcitures-of-me-mom-face?

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