Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's been awhile

But I guess that's not too surprising. We've spent lots of time becoming a family of four. It is so amazing that even after falling head over heels for Siena that I was nonetheless surprised to find myself falling in love with my little man. Things once again seemed to come so natural. Of course we are a family of four!, of course I have a son!...not too long after he was born, it was already hard to remember a time without him; a time when I was actually not too excited about having a boy. But here he is now, gorgeous, smiling, with still a mostly toothless grin, charming his way into hearts everywhere.

To add to this big change, we moved cities; in fact, we moved continents, and have left Australia and our dear ol' Mosman and have returned to the U.S. We are living in a rather small, but progressive Midwestern town, in the heart of the country. We started new jobs, found new rhythms and made new friends and all of that takes time. So after nearly 8 months, here I am back in this space.


  1. Wow, that's a big move! I'm looking forward to becoming a family of four soon too! Can't wait :) And your little man is gorgeous!

  2. thanks sharlene:) yes lots and lots of changes