Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snowy Days

Even though we had not gotten much snow this winter- or maybe exactly because we did not get it many a time- the few snow storms we had were loads of fun. Hiding in the house with the kids, baking lovely warm treats, settling further into this new house all interspersed with snuggles. One recent snowy morning we got up rather early- lately sleeping until 7am feels like a treat (although I shouldn't complain given that my best husband in the world gets up with Reed every morning between 4 and 5am).
Anyway after working for a few hours- just long enough to make the rest of the day be enjoyable rather than have that overtone of guilt for not having worked- Siena and I made two loafs of vegan chia, pumpkin, chocolate-chip bread in my brand spanking new bakeware! It was total experimentation, and with only 3 table spoons of raw sugar for both breads and no oil, they were nothing to write home about, although they nonetheless disappeared rather quickly.
I think my favorite thing about snowy day, the kind that makes you want to stay inside and cuddle up, is that the snow piling up on the doorstep, and the car, and the windows and the yard hushes everything down to a murmur, both outside and inside.

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