Saturday, March 23, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, (almost:) every week in 2013."

Siena: throwing rocks into a frozen lake trying to break the ice...and hoping for spring
Reed: starting to walk if someone is holding his hands and mostly smiling at everything and everyone
We missed 11/52 - it has been a hectic few weeks, with lots of travel and a horrible flu that lasted for weeks. 
We were hoping for spring, but it seems nowhere in sight. Nonetheless the spring nature table went up, and our now traditional Spring Bunny (or Easter Bunny if you so chose) story has been told, we made some beeswax eggs and bunnies all in the hopes that maybe if we hope and pretend hard enough the spring might actually arrive. Today we went for a hike; the lake was still frozen pretty solid and it took some heavy rocks to break the ice. I love the drive to the lake, rolling hills, pastures and (what seems like) content cows and horses, every once in a while a deer and today several large, impressive birds of prey, a chipmunk and a black-nosed doe. 

Joining in the awesome Che and Fidel 52 project. 


  1. Beautiful the top one :0)

    1. thanks...we are trying to enjoy "spring", but as you can see there is not spring in sight:)

  2. It melts my heart to mush to see siblings that adore each other. That last photo is a gem, what cuties! Belinda x