Thursday, August 8, 2013


Reed's very first (and second and third) bike ride- he is in love.
Siena's very first camping- and the magic that came with it- exploring caves, eating smores, playing with her new and very first real guitar, catching fireflies, hiking, staying up late, and her very favorite bit- having friends around 24/7.
Siena and Reed both were mesmerized with the fireflies, frogs, fish, birds and other wildlife they encountered, although Siena still hesitated to catch her own firefly or handle a cicada. I hesitated to go to bathroom at night around all the brazen raccoons.
Their very first camping trip was all I'd hope it would be- Siena's already asking when we are going next.


  1. This is a real experience for kids (and parents too). I want to take Nereus for his first camping trip since he was born...I can't wait!

    1. It was incredible fun and even Reed (who is only 16 months) seem to really enjoy it. Greece must have a million wonderful camping grounds! I know I've seen a bunch of them whenever we visit.