Monday, December 30, 2013

Santa's Helpers/Waldorf Playstand

We really hoped to keep this Christmas low impact- didn't want to end up with a mountain of toys that will be forgotten within days. And with the long, cold winter at our door we also thought it'd be wonderful to have some sort of an indoor play structure. I always loved the idea behind Waldorf Playstands for obvious reasons- they are a never ending source of fun- a pretend house, kitchen, puppet theater, shop…anything one's mind can imagine. So even though we had never built anything- we thought why not. We borrowed the tools from some friends and less than $100 of lumber later- we had the awesomest present for the kids- one that we were so proud of and that gives us and them so much pleasure to play with. We followed the directions from mainelycraftymama, with a few height adjustments. We also ended up just finish it off with a beeswax polish and I love the softness and shine it gave to the playstand. It even smelled like a Waldorf school for awhile. We love the result.