Saturday, January 18, 2014


A picture of my children, once a week, every week in 2014.
Joining in with Jodi and her 52 project over at
Reed- his love of trains and all things that move is contagious. He just recently scored a train set, and while he loves it, he loves the inserts with pictures of trains possibly even more. So our days have been spent looking at BRIO train brochures:)
Siena-her VERY FIRST sleepover that she is hosting. I actually thought it was her very first sleepover, period, until she reminded me that she had two sleepovers during the two nights that I was giving birth to Reed. She did really well.

My favorites from last week. So many amazing images…some adorable favorite places…I mean who can resist a bag:), birthdays…I always find them so emotional, kids and grandma made blankets is always a winning combo.


  1. I love your fly-on-the-wall sleepover shot. What a gorgeous memory. She looks thrilled with her company.

    1. thanks! and she was and her sleepover guest was super easy and sweet…made me want to have sleepovers everyday until they woke us up at 2am because they were "hungry" hahahha:)

  2. Such cute photos - precious and timeless! <3