Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Early spring evening light

The warm spring light is here- even though spring itself is nowhere to be found. Even the birds seem thoroughly confused. I walked out of the house this morning to a chorus of birds and snow- all at the same time. Siena has been preparing compost for days and we were supposed to map out the garden today, but it just didn't seem right.
After getting a week of being able to take the kids to the park and the woods, it seems crazy that we are back to running around inside- ice skating on linoleum floors and dance parties to get all that energy out. The kids spent a happy hour if not more playing hide and seek, and while that seems like probably the most mundane of events- it is actually rather monumental given that Reed seems to have finally gotten the concept; it's not just looking for someone, but waiting in the other room until they hide and then methodically, in his case, visiting all the places Siena hid not one minute before and solemnly announcing "no"- as in "she's not here." My favorite part? The unwavering and unshifting (even after the 50th time) excitement at finding 'yeya' ('Siena' in Reed-speak).

1 comment:

  1. yesterday it snowed here too! weather's crazy...
    they're lovely, and it has to be funny to see them playing hide and seek!