Saturday, July 5, 2014

26/52 and 27/52

A short trip back home to Serbia and a stopover in Paris means I am behind. I went alone with Siena so I have no pictures of my baby boy, instead there is a little phone/Skype shot of my handsome boys. We only Skyped once because each time we tried Reed got super sad crying "I go in" (as in 'I go in the computer') successfully breaking his mother's heart. Then Siena would try to make him happy by showing him a toy or something and when that failed she'd start crying "I can't make him happy," making said mommy even sadder:) Not being able to even see our boys made us miss them even more- so even though we had an absolute blast (more about that soon), we are also very happy to be back.

Siena turned 6 last week. Traveling means she got to celebrate her birthday twice. On her actual birthday she got a low key birthday, but exactly what she wanted- a visit to baka and deda's (grandparents) mountain house where she was picking apricots and sour cherries and went for a swim. Once we got back to the U.S. she had a birthday party - we had these big plans for a nature scavenger hunt, which we prepared weeks in advance only to be rained out:( The pictures below are from her "two" birthdays.

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  1. congratulations to your sweet beautiful girl!!! she's getting older...
    so you've been in europe, that's good!!! i hope you've taken a lot of photos to share ;) it's always nice to be back to your home but i imagine it's also nice to live in the us... happy week!