Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Missing our special times- Breastfeeding week 2014

I started writing this post over in May or early June, but never finished- mostly since I felt there was so much more to capture and so much more to be said lest I forget. But time quickly passed and just as I feared I already started forgetting what it is like to breastfeed. But this is breastfeeding week Aug 1-7, so it seemed like a good time to share:

"Reed had stopped breastfeeding several weeks ago- it was so organic and so slow that I can't really put my finger on the last day he fed, but now it seems truly and completely over and it feels all so sad. While the same thing happened when Siena weaned, then at least I had the knowledge or the hope I would have that connection with another child. Now this might very well have been the very last time I cradled a baby and breastfed and that is both liberating and incredibly sad. It seems so odd that such an important part of my life might just be over. Of course both of us have been trying to steal moments together to make up for missing those special parts of the day. My little tiny baby is a 30 lbs toddler, almost a boy. It always seems like I am trying to catch up with the changes my kids are going through. By the time I get used to having a crawler, they are walking. By the time I get used to the talking, they are talking back. And I guess by the time I learn how to deal with that they'll be out the door. It is all too damn fast!"


  1. there's already time until they go out the door!
    beautiful post, it's true that these are so special moments that no one can understand unless if they've breastfeed too, and now that my girl's little by little growing up and just takes the breast for sleeping, i feel quite like you... xx

  2. What a great post! I'm still nursing my 2 year old with no signs of slowing down as of yet. Your words are touching and lovely. It sounds like a beautiful way to wean.