Friday, September 6, 2013

Too darn fast (in more than one way)

Lately, maybe because the work has started up again, I am more than usually (and that is saying something) nostalgic about the passing of the time. Reed is almost 17 months and not a baby anymore in so many ways. He runs, slides, scooters, cracks jokes, says a few words, feeds very little and has a clear personality. Luckily he is still a cuddle bug, the funniest, smiliest kid I have ever seen and that helps make him feel like he is still my little baby. Siena too has grown up so much. She is minutes away from reading, brave on adventures that she undertakes by herself, interested in some more serious issues of our world. Reed melts my heart almost every second of every day and reminds me of how much I loved this stage when Siena was growing out of babyhood. I wish I could remember more of that time. I wish I could bottle the way they smell and feel now. I wish I could take a million photographs. I wish I had more time and patience. But mostly I wish time would slow down just a tiny bit.

My favorite moments lately have been watching them play together. Recently, post bath, they have gotten into a habit of running around in circles, laughing hysterically, until they both fall to the ground, and then repeat the whole cycle. Since this is always happening after bath and after dinner, Reed's tummy is often distended and every once in awhile he seems to notice this giant thing running in front of him (his own belly). The fact that he always slows down a bit when he notices his belly is one of my favorites. On one occasion they decided that doing this whole routine while unravelling a skein of yarn would be a great idea. Needless to say that resulted in utter chaos.

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