Saturday, September 28, 2013

A walk in the woods

We've been trying to get as much out of the early fall weather as we can. Last winter was long and dark and at any given time one of us was sick. So while we've been excited about the coming season, the colors, the sweaters and the soups, as well as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am not looking forward to what comes after all of that. Months of dreary, grey skies, cooped up kids and adults, and a long wait for the spring. That is probably what has prompted almost daily trips to the local park for mini hikes.


  1. it made me laugh, i've also started cooking soups!!!
    it's true, this season is the most beautiful in the woods

    1. :) yeah....we used to live closer to the ocean and there obviously spring and summer rule as my favorite seasons (and maybe early fall), but continentally- i all about forests in the fall

  2. I really NEED a walk in the woods. With all this moving thing and all this work we have to do, we have so little free time...I hope we'll find time soon! The weather is still to hot in Greece and although I dislike winter, I kinda missed colder weather.