Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

So we have said goodbye to Summer (and our summer nature table)

And we welcomed Autumn


  1. so funny! i was hinking about hat to make with my daughter but never thought about something like this, i love!

  2. wendi, we are doing lots of waldorf homeschooling and these nature tables are pretty central to the seasonal chnage theme of waldrof...we love them- they are fun to do and i actually feel they let me to also acknowledge and celebrate the seasons:)

  3. hi!
    where do you find waldorf activities? we're also in homeschooling, in fact we started this week :), i've been ill... and we "teach" her what she's interested in (right now, the forms, so we make activities with formes and so). but i've a really empty mind when making crafts!!!

    1. so depends on what you are looking for there are wonderful homeschooling waldorf curriculums around the web that are either free or cost very little...they would have lots of ideas for activities and crafts. i also benefited greatly for joining a local waldorf playgroup where kids had several hours of guided fun from waldorf teachers and adults learned about various waldorf activities from their own "teacher"...i loved it. if something like that is available in your part of the world i think it is the best