Thursday, February 27, 2014

My little ballerina

I am of the "my kid is too young to have to take anything seriously" school. But of course, when and if she seems serious about something on her own accord, I am not about to stand in her way. Such is her love of ballet. Siena started dancing when she was so very little. When she turned three and until we left Australia she went to the local ballet academy, which was located on the very edge of the Sydney Harbour. Sitting on the verandah waiting for her half an hour class to be done, knitting yet another hat for my little son who I hand't met yet is one of my most vivid and dear memories of Australia. When we moved back to the Midwest Siena at first attended a relaxed creative moment-type class which she found insufficiently demanding and not so ballet-like. So this January she started pre-ballet at our University and she is loving it. It is hard to get her out of her ballet clothes…my dancing princess.

1 comment:

  1. how sweet she is...
    she's lucky to have pre-ballet classes, here they start at the age of 5.
    happy weekend, jovana!