Saturday, September 20, 2014

37/52 and 38/52

The computer was on the fritz for a few weeks, and so glad to have it back and so lucky to have all the images and data and work saved not having backed up for months! What a dummy!

First set of images is from a lovely forest walk on a first autumn like day....
The second set is from our local apple orchard. Although the fall is not officially here yet - it sure feels like it is- we've had to turn on the heat already a few times, unpack the winter clothes, wear wool sweaters in the mornings. Not ready for it yet. Usually I love the fall, but last winter was almost traumatizing in its I'll take as much summer as I can get. We have been homeschooling and working pretty hard over the last few weeks- life seems to be speeding up- like it always does in the fall, and we are trying hard to make sure we are finding time to be present when we are together. Getting out helps us do that.

1 comment:

  1. nice photos, it doesnt look like autumn there!!!
    i've the same feeling about time running up... so many things to do! autumn's here too though we've had a lovely indian summer this past week.