Saturday, September 27, 2014


A portait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014.
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These two love doing pretty much everything together. When we had them almost 4 years apart and a boy and a girl I guess I just assumed they would not be as close as kids who are less far apart in age or same gender. I am glad to say I was absolutely wrong. These two love playing together almost all the time, they rarely ever get into conflicts and when they do Siena is very good at dealing with them. Recently Siena was sad about not having a best friend at school (she has loads of friends, but she only goes for 2h so it is not a great surprise other kids are closer), and as she started crying Reed came over and said "Reed Yena's best friend." I mean seriously!!! Heart melted on the spot!
The benefit of only going to school for 2h pictured:) We have been going to the local apple orchard almost every week, sometimes we only pick a few apples and then after our hike through the orchard kids like to reward themselves with some amazing freshly made apple turnovers.


  1. so swet... that means a lot about their parents and their education. she'll have lots of friends but, in the end, her best friends will be at home.
    i've been thinking a lot about the benefits of homeschooling this week while we've been outdoors making lots of things and thinking about all those poor kids in their classes, so boring... xx

    1. I know! Homeschooling especially in the first few years was a no brainer for us. The way we do it means we are outdoors pretty much everyday doing some little project or another. Turns out its wonderful for Reed as well. And of course it is so great for us too...getting as much time with out kiddos before they are off into the big brave world.