Saturday, December 6, 2014


I cannot believe there are only 3 weeks left in this year. Preparations for winter holidays are well on their way. We will mostly be celebrating the winter solstice this year (that's when Santa will come as well), but we will also open some presents from our more Christian family members on Christmas. We are trying to find and incorporate traditions this holiday season that capture the magic and that we specially value as a family, but that are honest with respect to our roots and histories. We are lucky to be surrounded with people celebrating Hannukah, Diwali, Solstice and New Years this holiday season so the kids are not inundated with a single view of what the season is about. There has been lots of preparations and we are doing a holiday activity everyday in our "countdown/advent" calendar. Some days, like yesterday, it was a donation to Oxfam, other days it is a little craft, like making watercolor lanterns for our upcoming winter lantern walk or making clove-spiked oranges and yet other days we go to an event or a show- tonight it is the Nutcracker…there are many more shows to come given that Siena has a very talented set of friends, who dance, play cello and do ballet (this includes two of her own holiday concerts).

This is the kids putting up the holiday decorations, and more love…


  1. i love your idea of mixing traditions, it happens that, when you dont believe in any religion, you're kind of lost and dont know what to celebrate or not... we dont talk to wen about santa, well, she knows there's someone called santa but just on books and eventually cartoons too; but she knows it's us+ the family who gives presents these days... and some other traditions we've adapted to our family...
    what is it about, the solstice? what do you do on that day? i would like to read about it... xx

  2. mir (is that short for your name?),
    that's a great idea- i have myself been learning more about the solstice and so i might just do a post then about what it is and how we will celebrate it.

    1. some of my friends call me mir ;)
      thank you!!! there are so many wonderful traditions out there and most of times we ignore them...