Saturday, December 13, 2014

50/52 - Winter Lantern Walk

As it has become tradition- we went on a Winter Lantern Walk with some of our friends. The kids started getting excited about it days and weeks in advance- they all made their lanterns using the style of  painting we had learned in our Waldorf classes- dipping the watercolor paper in water first and then letting the colors swirl all around. Harvest Preserve was once again a perfect magical spot for the whole experience- they had even built a little pirate playhouse for the kids at the top of the hill. We went for a lantern walk- the lights alone in the dusking forest couldn't help but feel magic. We finished with some hot chocolate in the the pond house, while daddy told the story we always tell on Winter Solstice- the story about how the evergreens kept their needles. Every year I also try to make the kids a little gift- last year they were still small enough that they believed that forest fairies had jumped into my bag as we were walking- I'd like to think they would have believed that (or something like it) this year as well, but I was not about to push my luck…so they all received a little felted snowman. Last year's winter lantern walk here. As always joining in with Jodi over at

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  1. not fairies this year... i bet it was too cold outside :)