Friday, December 26, 2014


And here we are - at the very last image for this year. Thinking about what had made this year special- the very first thing that came to mind is seeing the relationship between my little ones emerge and grow and turn into something to behold. Last year at this time Reed was barely year and a half- and Siena was more like a mom to him. Over the last year these two had become so close- spending almost all of their days together. Their newest games involve playing mom or dad to one another- and they alternate playing the parent and the baby- usually this involves an inordinate number of falling asleep and waking up. They also love building forts, pretty much anywhere and at any time. In fact (as I had mentioned) we had given them a gift this holiday season with the hope of moving their fort making somewhere other than on top of us:) They also love building forts in the woods on our walks. They love crazy stuff like running in circles and pretty much any pretend play that involves something 'cary, whether it be a mo-mo (monster) or a guy playing guitar (skeleton that scared them this halloween playing guitar in a haunted house- I know, right?) or just your ordinary 'cary stuff (today it was a bird that was going to carry Reed away, drop him in the lake - we were walking next to a lake- and "Reed be all gone"). Each one of these games gets played at least a few times a day! What helps is the amazing patience that Siena has for her toddler brother and the overwhelming affection he shows her (well he really shows it to anyone who'll take it, but she is often the one closest to him when cuddling mood strikes- which is every 5 to 10 minutes:) So it is only fitting that these two (from last two days) end my year.

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014.
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