Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mayfair in Fairfield, Iowa

Ever since we moved to Iowa we've been missing our lively Waldorf community from Sydney. Some of our favorite elements of Waldorf are its focus on seasonal change and the magic of childhood, but often it is hard to create all that magic all by your lonesome (although we tried - winter lantern walk). So it was so nice to find a piece of that magic here in Iowa, albeit several hours south. Mayfairs and Harvest Festivals are probably my favorite seasonal celebrations, and this Mayfair didn't disappoint. Father winter was scared away by some rowdy children, Lady Spring danced and acrobated (so not a word) her way around the maypole, there was a Mayfair parade, maypole dance, bagpipes and celtic dances, pony rides, handworks, garland making, geode breaking, zipline sliding, cake walking, dancing, the most amazing vegan cupcakes, strongman competition?! and so much more; and it was all absolutely perfect. Just what this family needed to start the summer off right.

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