Friday, May 23, 2014

Share Fair (part 1)- Artbot

The end of the school year has brought many special occasions, recitals and fairs, goodbyes and promises of summer playdates. And while that kept us much busier than I would have expected to be in the beginning of what feels like a summer vacation, I am very glad for it all. When we first started thinking about homeschooling one of my biggest worries was that Siena was going to miss out on all those special occasions like the excitement of the first day of school, Halloween parties at school and badly produced Thanksgiving performances, Valentine cards and dances and end of year concerts and science fairs. So we tried really hard to make sure to capture or recreate some of those same elements in our homeschooling experience. The many activities Siena does has helped in that. We had rehearsals and excited evening ballet recitals that made mommy cry one too many times to tell, the mayfair at the Waldorf school hour or so south of here and we had the Share Fair at the homeschooling assistance program, where Siena does her Junior Great Books program, math and chess clubs, science experiments, art and field trips. For the Share Fair Siena brought 2 projects- one a collaboration with her bestie Myra- and it was a store bough artbot that nonetheless was a huge hit especially with the little folk. We also worked hard on a desalination project, but more about that later. So here we are now, finally officially on summer vacation, spending slow mornings thinking about whether to have that second cuppa in the backyard or not and where to go hiking this morning. Summers are the best!

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  1. it's fantastic to have this connection with another parents practising waldorf... and the science experiment looks amazing!