Monday, May 19, 2014

Spring Nature Table

Although I am quite late with posting this, it is only half my fault- and half Mother Nature's. Spring has been so slow to come in these parts, but I think it is finally here to stay. We had put up our spring nature table almost a month ago, during a fleeting warm-up. We also made a spring play mat, with some flowers, a creek, a little bridge and a tiny animal cottage. Our front door wreath had become a nest for some finches, who bravely defended it from the sparrows that tried to take it over. After finding a dead bird on our porch, very close to the nest, we checked the nest in fear every morning, but the finch babies made it, and left their nest a few days ago. Just yesterday we found them hoping around in our backyard, giving us once again anxiety over their safety, since there are some mean cats in our neighborhood. It made us wonder if there is this much of nature's drama in our backyard, how wild is the rest of the world...

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